Brace Face- Tips for Braces Newbies

I Just Got Braces… Now What?

So you’ve been dreaming about the perfect smile and now you’re on your way to achieving it! You’ve probably sat in the mirror envisioning how much of a difference it’s going to be once they come off. You’ve probably asked both your dentist and hygienist a million times how long they really think you’ll need the braces. And now that the braces are on, you’re probably feeling overwhelmed by all of the new things you need to start doing- and all of the stuff you can no longer eat. Well, we promise that braces aren’t as scary as they may first seem! With a couple of adjustments (and a whole lot of wax), your time in braces will breeze right by and you’ll be left with a sparkling smile to be proud of for a lifetime.


braces- smoothie recipeRight After Your Appointment:

Your teeth and mouth will most likely be pretty sore after getting your braces put on, and after tightening appointments. Try eating foods that are soft to help minimize the pain. Some ideas? Smoothies, soup, soft pasta, French toast, and oatmeal.

Try this recipe!–>

Foods To Avoid:

Avoid hard foods that can crack and damage your braces like:

  • Corn on the cob
  • Croutons
  • Nuts
  • Jolly ranchers
  • Bagels
  • Pizza crust

Sticky foods and candy can make you uncomfortable because they easily stick to your brackets and are hard to remove. Avoid things like:

  • Starbursts
  • Taffy
  • Bubble gum
  • Fruit roll-ups
  • Popcorn

Drinks that can stain or discolor your teeth and braces:

  • Red wine
  • Dark sodas like Pepsi and Dr. Pepper
  • Black tea
  • Dark beers and malts

Tips For Braces:

  1. If you are experiencing your gums and lips catching on your brackets or wiring, apply a small piece of wax to the problem area. Break off a little piece of wax and roll it up into a ball. Put the ball over the part that’s jabbing you, and smooth it over so that it is now protecting your gums.
  2. Use a straw for drinks that can stain your teeth.
  3. Take a pain reliever to help ease symptoms.
  4. If something hurts while eating, stop eating it.
  5. Bring a little toothbrush to remove all of the food from your braces after lunch.
  6. Always carry lip balm with you. Many people notice drier lips after getting braces, and after adjustment appointments. Rub some balm on your lips for instant relief, and to avoid your brackets snagging them.

Enjoy your braces!

You may feel a little self- conscience when you first get your braces put on. Realize that many people have had braces at some point in their life, and that they’re nothing to be ashamed of! If you’re still feeling a little shy, try and redirect the focus from your mouth. Play up your eyes with some flattering eye shadow, try a hairstyle you’ve been curious about, or wear some fun earrings that compliment your outfit. Know that no one is going to mind your braces, and most people won’t even pay attention to them. It’s much more noticeable when you are trying to keep them covered with your lips so, don’t be afraid to smile! If you get bands in the colors you like, you’ll feel more confident in showing off your brackets!