mickeys halloween

California Halloween Theme Parks for Families

Halloween time is a kid’s dream! Dressing up, bags of candy, and a night filled with treats and fun. For families looking for more fun, than fright, there are plenty of California theme parks that showcase the sillier side of Halloween. Check out these local favorites where ghosts and ghouls dance instead of scare.

mickeys halloween

Mickey’s Halloween Party- Disneyland

9/12-10/31 | Anaheim, CA

Sea World

Halloween Spooktacular- Sea World

9/27-10/26 | San Diego, CA

Belmount Park

Fall Festival and Haunt- Belmont Park

10/03-10/31 | San Diego, CA


Happy Hauntings- Castle Park

10/11-11/02 | Riverside, CA


Brick or Treat- LEGOLAND

10/04-10/25 | Carlsbad, CA