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Christmas Trees 101

The Ultimate 2016 Christmas Tree Guide

Every year we look forward to the annual tradition of getting the family Christmas tree. From picking the perfect tree, to bringing out the heirloom ornaments, we’re sure your family will be making many special memories this holiday season. Here is a quick, and easy guide to help you pick your best Christmas tree yet!

Christmas Tree Types

Local favorites that are sold throughout Christmas tree farms and lots in Southern California.

1. Balsam Fir

Balsam Tree-blog 

  • Dark green in color.
  • Tree has a wider- triangular shape.

2. Blue Spruce

Blue Spruce Tree

  • Has a strong blue hue.
  • The sharper needles can poke.

3. Douglas Fir

Douglas Fir- blog

  • Is a dark green color.
  • Gives off a sweet, strong aroma.
4. Fraser Fir

Fraser Fir- blog

  • Dark, clue-green color.
  • Has long, spread-out branches.

5. Grand Fir

Grand Fir- blog

  • America’s Favorite Christmas tree
  • Has the sweetest, best smelling fragrance
  • Has beautiful glossy needles

6. Noble Fir

Noble Fir-blog

  • Known for its symmetry in shape.
  • The needles grow along the top of branches.
  • Has thicker, stronger branches.

Getting Your Tree Home

Xmas tree on car

  • Open your doors to make sure that you are securing your Christmas tree to the roof by going through your car. If you go through your windows, you will not be able to open your doors.
  • If you’re traveling with your tree on the roof, face the trunk towards your windshield. This will prevent showers of needles raining down on your windshield as you’re driving.

How to Pick the Perfect Christmas Tree

xmas tree farm

  • The tree should look green-greenish blue in color, it should not be mainly yellow or brown.
  • Pinch a few needles between your fingers to be sure it gives off a sweet aroma.
  • Pull a branch towards you and tap on the tree to make sure it doesn’t let off a shower of needles.

Tips to Keep Your Tree Fresh and Nice Through Christmas

fresh xmas tree

  • Cut at least 1/4 inch off the bottom to allow fresh water to flow in your tree.
  • Always check to make sure your stand is at least halfway filled with water. Most Christmas trees drink approximately one gallon of water a day.
  • Check to make your lights aren’t worn, broken, or frayed. These are hazardous and can cause fires.
  • To keep your tree from drying out, use low-heat lights, and keep it away from fireplaces and heating vents.

Don’t forget to toss your tree once it is dry and dead. Check with local tree recycling programs to find out when they pick up trees in your city.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year