After Oral Surgery

Now that your oral surgery is complete, follow these procedures to make yourself more comfortable, promote healing, and help prevent any possible complications.

  1. Bite with firm pressure on gauze for one-half hour, change gauze as needed. (Bleeding will have slowed before we let you go.) Keep your tongue away from the surgical site. NO VIGOROUS RINSING.
  2. If you should experience further bleeding, use the additional gauze provided or a moistened tea bag. Bite on one of these for one-half hour then throw it away.
  3. Do not wash or rinse your mouth today. Beginning tomorrow, rinse three times per day and/or each time you eat, with a solution consisting of one teaspoon of salt dissolved in a warm glass of water. Continue to do this for several days.
  4. Swelling is not uncommon and need not cause alarm. During the first 24 hours you may apply an ice bag or a towel filled with cracked ice to your cheek or jaw; 15 minutes on, 15 minutes off. Discontinue this after the first day.
  5. Some discomfort may be experienced after the anesthetic wears off. Take your medication prior to this time as directed. You may have been given more than one prescription. These are to help keep you comfortable, control swelling and promote healing.
  6. If you feel something rough when you place your tongue on the surgical site, you may think it is part of the tooth. Leave it alone and it will usually heal nicely. It is not uncommon for small pieces of bone to work their way to the top. If this happens, we can remove them easily.
  7. In case of extreme discomfort or any unusual disturbance, contact this office immediately.
  8. No smoking for the first 24 hours — and for 3 days if possible — following extraction. Do not use alcoholic beverages or mouth wash for 24 hours, and do not do any vigorous spitting. No drinking through straws.
  9. For the next day or two, a soft diet is recommended. Foods such as soup, mashed potatoes, yogurt, cottage cheese, and milk shakes are fine.
  10. Don’t forget your post operative checkup!