How To Achieve Your Child’s Best School Picture (yet)

  1. Get haircuts 2 weeks before. This leaves enough time so that bangs aren’t at eyebrow length, and you can fix the cut if you don’t love it.
  2. Brush and floss their teeth. Check for sneaky lettuce between the teeth. Get cavities filled if possible, and pull loose teeth that are ready (we all remember those gap-toothed smiles).
  3. Pack a safe lunch. Lose the stress on outfits getting ruined before picture time. Pack mess-free lunches that won’t leave a stain if spilt. Some items you should definitely avoid packing: corn, barbeque, grape juice, and oreos.
  4. Practice sitting tall, with heads held high.
  5. Teach them to keep their hair out of their eyes. Practice braids and up-do’s for little girls that will keep long hair from falling into their eyes during photos.
  6. Discuss glasses. Decide whether you want them to wear glasses, and remind them on the picture day to take them off or put them on. Also consider that some glasses have lens that reflect the flash cameras.
  7. Show them how to relax in front of the photographer. Get them excited and tell them how much fun it’s going to be!
  8. Pick out the perfect outfit ahead of time. Allow them to choose an outfit that they feel comfortable and confident in. Avoid shirts with writing or pictures since they will not fit into the photo.
  9. Simple patterns and solid colors work best. Pick colors that compliment and highlight their skin tone, eyes, and hair color. Most people look good in classic dark colors like black, navy, and deep maroons. Avoid busy patterns, and Big Time Rush shirts as they will distract from the face and smile.
  10. Keep the big accessories for everyday fashion. Since baseball caps and cute over-the-top bows usually distract from the face, save them for later.