Preferred Employer Plan

Dear Employers:

Hospitality Dental Associates invites you to participate in our Hospitality Dental Plan. We are teaming up with employers like you in our service areas to extend reduced costs for dental services to your employees through our Hospitality Dental Plan.

Our plan offers two options: the “Preferred Employer Program”, and the “Self-Funded Program”. Both are dedicated to reducing dental costs without compromising quality. Below is a brief breakdown of both programs under the Hospitality Dental Plan:

Option 1:

Preferred Employer Program (PEP)

The Preferred Employer Program is a dental enhancement program that provides additional benefits to an employer’s existing dental coverage at NO Additional Cost, when an employee uses a Hospitality Dental Associate provider.

Employer Advantages:

  • Enhance existing dental coverage
  • No Additional Costs
  • No Contracts Voluntary option for employees
  • No liability to the employer Cost Savings up to 20%

Option 2:

Enhanced Provider Program (EPP)

The Enhanced Provider Program is a direct reimbursement program that provides employers with the most efficient purchase of dental care available:

Employer Advantages:

  • Value – save 20% when using one of our offices
  • Cost Savings up to 34%
  • Simple
  • Risk Free
  • Cash Flow
  • Benefit
  • Flexible

Hospitality Dental Associates offers the Hospitality Dental Plan with no additional charges to the employer or the employee. Call our administrative offices at 909-888-6919 to find out how your company can join our other member companies and take advantage of the Hospitality Dental Plan today!