adults dentistryAt Hospitality Dental we engineered an office with a calm reception room, high-tech equipment and an ergonomically intelligent layout to fit all the needs of our adult patients. Treating patients for over 40 years, we’ve worked hard to create an office where patients feel safe and well-cared for.

We want to make sure you feel comfortable coming back to visit us every six months, because regular dental exams are key to our patients health. Dental exams should be part of everyone’s preventative health maintenance plan, because fixing problems before they get serious is a lot easier and cheaper for patients.

With our comprehensive care we can treat you at all stages of adulthood to make sure you get the dental attention you need.

During your dental exam you will get the chance to maintain your oral health. You should also feel free to chat with the doctor or dental hygienist about any changes you may need to make to prevent deterioration of your oral health.

Patients can expect a cleaning, consultation, an x-ray (only if needed) and perhaps a scheduled follow-up for any additional work that may be needed. If necessary the dental hygienist and/or doctor may give you some tips on brushing and flossing to get the most effective results for the time you should spend twice a day dedicated to your teeth.

We want a dental cleaning to be something our patients look forward to, like a trip to the spa. If you have any anxiety about the appointment, feel free to bring it up with our staff. You are in good hands when you come into Hospitality Dental, because our staff is trained to put the patient’s health first.