Affordable Dentures are offered in a variety of denture styles that include full and partial dentures.  Experienced dentists will find the best match for your needs.

Full Dentures

Each of our Hospitality Dental Offices are set up to provide you the best denture you can afford.  That is why we offer two types of full dentures, each with its own distinct advantages.

Custom Dentures

The Custom Denture is made with high quality acrylic teeth for a natural-looking denture. The denture teeth are set in a wax base so you may try them in to see how the denture will look before it is completed. You may make changes to suit you, consistent with your dental needs. After you have approved the look of your Custom Denture, the lab will custom finish your denture in the permanent acrylic base material. It’s like designing your own smile!

The Custom Denture is often available the same day, however in some cases it may take longer. The practice will inform you of their delivery times.

Immediate Dentures

The “Immediate Denture” is one of our most compassionate procedures.  Patients who have decayed, broken and missing or teeth compromised by severe gum diseased and have been afraid to smile, now have the ability to have a beautiful smile that is affordable.  On the very day that the rotten, decayed or periodontally compromised teeth are removed, a new denture with straight white beautiful teeth is inserted and the patient walks out with a new smile.

Partial Dentures

Three types of partial dentures are available – cast metal and acrylic, acrylic and valplast.

Cast Metal Partial Denture

The Cast Metal Partial Denture is the best partial denture. It is stronger, less bulky and offers the best fit. The cast metal/acrylic partial denture is the classic partial denture. It is strong, less bulky and offers a snug fit.The cast metal/acrylic partial is fabricated using a metal framework to which the laboratory will attach high grade denture teeth and gum colored acrylic. This partial denture requires two to three weeks to deliver since the framework requires additional steps at the laboratory.

Acrylic Partial Denture

Acrylic Partial Dentures are more affordable, but they tend to feel more bulky. The partial denture has an acrylic base upon which the teeth are set and is attached to natural teeth with small metal clasps. The practice staff will show you which teeth are available to place on the denture.

Valplast Partial Denture

A valplast partial is a flexible acrylic partial that offers a natural look with a minimal amount of metal showing.