A dental partial is a prosthetic device that is placed inside the mouth that replaces a few missing teeth and brings back the normal function and overall appearance of the teeth when some natural teeth remain. What makes it different to bridges is that dental partials are removable.

Types of Dental Partial

Fixed dental partial – This type of dental partial attaches artificial teeth to the jaw with dental crown. It can also be attached under the gum tissue with dental implants.

Removable dental partial – This fills the space between two natural teeth and has a replacement teeth attached to a gum-colored plastic base. It is also called removable dental bridge and it’s connected by a metal framework which helps the denture stay in place.

Advantages of Dental Partial

We can’t deny the mere fact that missing teeth have a huge effect on the entire function of our mouth. Having dental partials when few teeth are lost is a great relief not just because it restores your nice smile but it also helps in chewing. They are also a great help for keeping the normal facial structure for it prevents the remaining teeth from moving.