Things were falling for

Things We’re Falling For

September is coming up quick, and for us that means:

  1. Saving money from not running the AC.
  2. End of Summer sales so that we can get patio furniture half off.
  3. Pumpkin scented candles.
  5. Pumpkin spice lattes at Starbucks.
  6. NOT cleaning our pools anymore.
  7. The LA County Fair.
  8. Yoga pants
  9. Hoodies and coffee on the patio.
  10. Long boots that we can tuck our phone, cash, and ID into when we go out.
  11. Low-lights and red tinted hair.
  13. Leather jackets, cashmere sweaters, and dressy coats.
  14. Hot, spiced apple cider.
  15. Coming home from work to dinner being ready in the crock pot.
  16. Casseroles, homemade soups and chili, pot roast, and caramel apples.
  17. Seeing the kid’s back-school-pictures.
  18. Family trips to the pumpkin patch.
  19. Scarves!
  20. Loading up our shopping carts with apples, cranberries, and sweet potatoes.
  21. Lunch with our girls on Sunday while the men watch football.
  22. Seeing if orange is really the new red for lipstick this fall.
  23. The return of Modern Family.
  24. Warming up on a chilly evening with a class of red.
  25. Turning  the portable heaters on in our room.
  26. Robes and slippers!
  27. Explaining to the kids why the trees change colors.
  28. Busting out our cozy socks.
  29. Pinning all of the ridiculously cute Fall pins to a board we’re creating right…. now.

The season of roasted foods and bottles of red wine has arrived. So, grab a blanket, put on your flannel, and get cozy.