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How can I prevent cavities?

how can i prevent cavities

We've all heard of cavities, but what exactly is it and how can we prevent them? Cavities are permanently damaged areas in the hard surfaces of your teeth that can develop into small holes. This is one of the world's most common health issues and anyone who has teeth can obtain cavities, including infants. Sugary and acidic foods such as candy, coffee, or soda can cause your teeth to decay and the bacteria in your mouth can turn them into acids. Then, the bacteria, acid, and saliva can combine and turn into plaque.

Always spend about two to three minutes brushing and flossing your teeth to prevents and remove any bacteria that can destroy your tooth enamel. It takes a little pressure to remove bacteria and plaque, but don't brush too hard because that can possibly cause your gums to bleed. The main solution to removing bacteria between your teeth is flossing every day.

The symptoms include:

If it isn't treated, the cavity can grow larger and affect deeper layers of your teeth. It can lead to tooth pain, infection, and ultimately tooth loss.

Please visit your dentist regularly, brush your teeth, and floss every day to protect your teeth from cavities, please contact your local Hospitality Dental & Orthodontics office.

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