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I hate flossing. What else can I do?

faq friday i hate flossing what else can i do

is it traditional; flossing difficult for you because you're traveling o have braces? We have a few options for you!

After you eat, there are a few pieces of food stuck in your mouth. Your teeth and gums must be brushed and flossed to remove any leftover debris. The natural bacteria in your mouth helps break down the build-up, but there is a sticky film called plaque that should always be removed. We strongly advise that people of all ages should brush twice a day for two minutes at a time. If any type of flossing isn't done, it can cause tooth decay, gum disease, and inflammation in your mouth.

Some great alternative options for flossing are:

1. Pre-threaded floss: For some people, the hardest part of flossing is the ability to reach into the mouth and effectively move it in between the teeth. These packets can be used with only one hand and are easier to reach. This type of floss is used once and can be disposed of after each use like regular floss.

2. Dental pick: Tiny sticks that help move plaque from in between your teeth and gums. These are fabricated from wood or plastic. They are not as effective as floss and there is a high risk of moving bacteria around your mouth.

3. Interdental brushes: Easier to use than a thread of floss and are just as effective, especially if you wear braces.

4. Water flossing: Works by spraying water in between the teeth to eliminate plaque. This is a small, hand-held appliance instead of using a thread.

Try to incorporate flossing into your daily activities such as keeping the application close to your TV, couch bed, or deck. You are successful with flossing after doing it repeatedly every day. Do not use mouth wash as a replacement for brushing or flossing. Mouth wash can create a free breath and help kill bacteria that is the source of tooth decay and gum disease. Remember, if you aren't flossing once per day, you may face bone structure issues, periodontal (gum) disease, cavities, painful dental procedures, and possibly tooth loss.

We hope you choose one of these alternative options to add to your dental hygiene routine instead of traditional flossing. Book your next dental appointment with us!

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