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Why are x-rays at the dentist necessary?

faq friday why are x-rays necessary at the dentist

You may have wondered why x-rays are necessary during your dental visit. The dentist can find and treat dental issues at an early stage, but x-rays can detect damage that isn't so visible to the naked eye. X-rays can save many lives for example, if a patient has a hidden tumor or oral disease. x-rays are also necessary in order for the dentist to complete a full comprehensive exam on the patient.

If you are a new patient, our dentist may recommend an x-ray exam to determine the current status of your oral health such as locating cavities, evaluating teeth growth and development, and checking for decay beneath fillings. Dental x-rays usually consist of a few bitewings (dental film) that can show your dentist signs of decay and the crowns of your teeth. The x-rays are taken with a bite plate in between your teeth and the x-ray machine on either side of your face.

Panoramic x-rays are taken from the outside of your mouth and will give your dentist an image of the entire oral cavity. During a panoramic x-ray, the machine will move around the circumference of your head to develop a full image showing all the teeth and jaw bone. Both types of x-rays are safe and quick. Our dentists use a lead apron to protect you from the low levels of radiation.

We recommend taking an x-ray exam twice a year. If you are pregnant, please advise your dentist before taking an x-ray exam.

If you haven't taken any x-rays in a while, please visit our providers, so that we can take care of you!

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