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Are cavities contagious?

faq friday are cavities contagious

You will be very surprised by the answer to that question! Cavities are the result of sugar build-up and are a red flag that shows that you're experiencing tooth decay.

What many people do not know is that tooth decay is transmissible, meaning it can spread not only from one tooth to the next if it's untreated but from your mouth to the mouth of your spouse or children. No matter what you eat, cavities won't form without the help of such bacteria. These germs can spread from shared food and utensils, sneezing, kissing, and more. When your teeth are not properly brushed, you create a dangerous combination of sugar, food debris, acid, and bacteria for plaque to build.

Cleaning plaque and tartar professionally ensure that your teeth stay safe from harmful bacteria. Fluoride treatments make your teeth stronger and more resilient. The number one way to prevent cavities is to visit your dentist bi-annually for scheduled cleanings and early detection.

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