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Fall in love with a healthy smile!

fall in love with a healthy smile

Happy first day of fall! During this fall season, focus on improving your oral health and loving your smile again. You deserve it and we want you to be happy! In addition to having your teeth checked twice a year, there are many other ways we can help you upgrade your smile.

Improvement #1. Replace old metallic fillings.

Metallic fillings are noticeable, but you can have them replaced with a color-matching composite resin that is concealed. Replacing a dental filing may benefit the long-term health of your tooth. 

Improvement #2. Dental crowns.

When you have a damaged tooth from a large cavity, it can harm the appearance of your smile. A dental crown is an artificial structure that covers your tooth. At Cal Select Dental Group, we can provide you with a custom-made and natural-looking crown.

Read more: Why do I need a crown?

Improvement #3. Dental bridges.

If you have any missing teeth, we can create a bridge that will hold full-size dental crowns. Each bridge is securely attached to teeth located on either side of the gap, also known as abutment teeth. Dental bridges allow patients to smile and eat with confidence!

Book your appointment today to consult with your dental provider if you are a great candidate for any of these services.

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