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How can I prepare my smile for Valentine's Day?

faq friday how can i prepare my smile for valentines day

Valentine's day is right around the corner. If you're planning on spending the day with a special someone, make sure to spend a little extra time on your teeth to keep them fresh. Studies show that a smile is one of the first features others notice. How exactly can you get your teeth ready for date night on Valentine's Day? Thankfully, we have a few good tips that will help put your best smile forward.

1. Clean your teeth and tongue. 
It's important to brush and floss, but let's not forget about the bacteria that causes a bad odor on the tongue. Use of soft-bristled toothbrush to clean the top and sides of your tongue. You can also purchase a harmless tongue scraper at your local retail store that will remove bacterial buildup.

2. Be aware of your diet.
Needless to say, if your date night takes place at an italian restaurant, limit your consumption of onions and garlic. These types of foods lead to bad breath. Sugary drinks or caffeinated beverages can also lead to bad breath and contribute to a dry mouth. The solution is to simply stay hydrated and drink water. 

3. Don't neglect the space in between.
The tight spaces in between can cause bacteria and cavities if they are neglected. The best solution is to floss regularly to remove any plaque or bacteria between your teeth. 

Give these tips a try for a fresh and bright smile on Valentine's day. Book an appointment at Hospitality Dental & Orthodontics today!

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