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When Emergencies Strike on Vacation

A sudden toothache can be a terrible surprise while you’re on a family trip. Don’t let an unexpected dental problem ruin your summer vacation. Here are some quick-fix tips that you can use until you are back home and can see your dentist.


Toothache – Try an over-the-counter ibuprofen and rinse your mouth with warm salt water to relieve the pain. If there is any food lodged between your teeth and gums, gently use dental floss to remove the debris. You may be able to find some relief by holding a cold pack against your mouth to reduce any swelling.


Chipped Tooth – Rinse your mouth and the broken pieces with warm water. If you’re bleeding, apply pressure with gauze until the bleeding spots.


Knocked Out Tooth – Pick up the tooth by the crown (top of the tooth, not the roots!). Rinse the tooth with warm water and gently try to place the tooth back into its socket. Carefully hold the tooth in place with your fingers or tongue for 5 minutes. If you can’t get the tooth back in, keep your tooth in a glass of milk and see a dentist within an hour to be able to reattach your tooth.


Lost Filling – Get some over-the-counter dental cement to put in the hole and press the filling into it.


Broken Braces Wire – Use a piece of wax to cover the broken wire and any sharp edges. Do NOT try to remove or cut the wire at all. Make sure to see your orthodontist as soon as possible to get the wire fixed.


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